ClariVein – Another Minimally Invasive Option

By January 28, 2017Varicose Veins

ClariVein®OC is a specialty infusion catheter with a rotating wire tip designed for the controlled 360-degree dispersion of provider-specified agents to the targeted treatment area. The ClariVein®OC device is a slim, thin catheter (tube) that your provider temporarily inserts into the peripheral vasculature through a pin-sized entrance point. ClariVein®OC is several times smaller than other devices used in peripheral vascular treatments allowing the entrance point to be smaller.

Procedures which use ClariVein®OC are often simpler, faster and studies have shown up to 74% less pain than other minimally-invasive peripheral vascular treatments. Because no thermal energy is used, there is no need for the multiple needle-stick injections of anesthesia (pain-numbing) medication along the length of the treated area. This shortens the time the procedure takes, reduces pain and discomfort, and also eliminates bruising.

Once placed inside the peripheral vasculature using a pin-sized entry through the skin, the rotating tip of the ClariVein®OC is set in motion to treat the inside of the vessel delivering medicine specified by your doctor. The medicine is delivered through the unique rotating tip of the catheter allowing for 360-degree coverage of the vessel.

The procedure typically takes very little time and creates minimal discomfort.

ClariVein is covered by some insurance companies. Prior to seeking treatment with ClariVein, contact your insurance and use CPT code 36473 to see if ClariVein is on your plan.

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