Sclerotherapy of Veins

With age, fat tissue volume decreases, leaving protruding veins and deep grooves in between the tendons and bones in hands. Sclerotherapy is a vein closure technique used to close down the prominent veins in hands. Blood flow in the hands is not affected by closing down these unsightly veins and will not cause your hands to swell. It typically will take 2-3 sessions to resolve hand veins.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a hyaluronic acid based product that are used to fill the hollow spaces between bones and tendons in hands. Filling these spaces helps to create a youthful appearance to hands. We use Galderma Restylane® Lyft which has a numbing agent called lidocaine that eliminates pain that is associated with the treatment.This treatment is low risk hands will become fuller and more youthful in minutes.

Removal of Sun Damage

Utilizing a laser, spots caused by the sun (solar lentigines) are removed over 1-3 treatments. This can also be done on the entire arm at an additional charge if desired.

These treatments can be purchased individually or sold in a package.

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