The Benefits of Medical Adhesive Vein Treatments

The VenaSeal™ system offered by the Vein Clinic is a non-tumescent, non-thermal, non-sclerosant procedure using a proprietary medical adhesive delivered intravenously to close the vein in question. Find out more about our dedicated team before making your appointment for vein treatments today.

The unique approach that this procedure takes eliminates the risk of nerve injury in treating the small saphenous vein, a risk sometimes associated with certain thermal-based procedures. Clinical studies have demonstrated that this procedure is safe and effective, minimally invasive, and offers a very low risk of tissue damage.



  • minimally invasive
  • same-day recovery
  • very low risk of tissue damage
  • resume all activities

Find Out About the VenaSeal™ Procedure

This simple treatment starts with a local, single-needle anesthetic. When the area is numb, a catheter is inserted into the area of the damaged vein and placed in very specific spots determined by ultrasound to deliver small amounts of medical adhesive. Once the treatment is completed, the catheter is removed and the puncture site bandaged.

There’s almost zero recovery time for this procedure. You’ll be back on your feet on the same day, ready to resume all of your normal activities.

“The staff was very informative and supportive throughout the entire process. I really enjoyed the facility and the special attention I received as a patient.”

~ Eryn Turton (The Vein Clinic Patient)