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The Vein Clinic: Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Riverton’s Vein Specialists

If you suffer from varicose veins or any other vein-related issue, you’re part of the 40 million Americans that live with this affection. These problems generally begin as something that is relatively minimal and grow into a disease that can change how people live their day-to-day lives. At The Vein Clinic, we provide proactive and retroactive treatments for the most minor to the most severe vein-related ailments. We also offer medical aesthetic treatments including cosmetic injectables and laser hair removal.

women receiving spider vein treatment in salt lake county ut

Spider Veins

If you’ve got chronic itching, burning, rashes, or throbbing, you may be suffering from issues with spider veins. Let us help you treat them today.

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Leg Swelling

Swelling and edema can have a number of different causes and risk factors. Let us design the right treatment plan for your individual issues.

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Varicose Veins

Choose our professional clinicians to offer you the treatments that you need to take care of problems with swollen, gnarled varicose veins.

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What We Treat

When your legs are hurting, or you’re uncomfortable with the way your veins make you look, you’re not as confident or as content as you should be. We treat many venous afflictions that include:

While these conditions range in severity, it is always recommended to seek treatment sooner rather than later. We offer various emerging and time-tested varicose vein treatments, microphlebectomies, and two types of sclerotherapy. 

Additional Services

You should be able to look your best every day, and when you don’t, it doesn’t feel right. Aside from treatment for vein ailments, we also provide cosmetic services that will help you feel more comfortable in your own body. These treatments include injectables such as neuro-inhibitors and KYBELLA® as well as laser hair removal and microneedling.

Patient Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority.

We put our patients first here at The Vein Clinic. Their satisfaction is our number one priority, and we have the testimonials to prove it. Here is just what a couple of our patients said after seeing one of our specialists:

“I originally choose to use The Vein Clinic because of it's closeness to my home in Riverton. I found the doctors and nurses very friendly and efficient. I have a history of incompetent veins in my legs. In a few visits they have solved my vein problems. I have an ulcer on one of my legs and now this sore is healing very well now that my veins have stopped leaking. Well, well done.”

Marty BodellVein Clinic Patient

“I had 3 surgeries done somewhere else and was not impressed. My first visit to The Vein Clinic was night and day to where I had been before. It was very new, very nice, very clean and the staff made me feel like an old friend. Their kindness really stood out to me. Shortly after my procedure at The Vein Clinic we went on a family vacation and I put on a swimsuit confidently for the first time in a very long time.”

Shanalee AllredVein Clinic Patient

Your Vein Specialists in Salt Lake County and Riverton, UT

When you’re receiving care for any of your vein conditions or enrolling in aesthetic services, you want to make sure you’re in the best hands. At The Vein Clinic, all of our specialists in Utah County, UT and the surrounding areas are part of the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. We’ve served the local area for over 10 years, and we are even the Aesthetic Winner of 2017 for THE Aesthetic Guide’s THE Aesthetic Industry Awards. If that doesn’t say that you’re in good hands, we’re not sure what will.

When you’re looking for treatment for any of your venous affections in Utah County or Salt Lake County, UT, don’t hesitate to call us here at The Vein Clinic! We accept same-day appointments and always strive to give you the best service possible. We are Utah’s vein specialists.

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The staff was very informative and supportive through out the entire process. I really enjoyed the facility and the special attention I received as a patient.

Eryn TurtonGoogle Review

Very educational consultation. One of the least painful treatments I have ever received. Very impressed.

Rachel DemartinGoogle Review

Friendly, professional staff. My legs are looking great again, no pain or problems

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