Efficient and Convenient Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Treat unsightly spider veins with a sclerosant injected into the damaged vein, irritating the lining of the blood vessel. The vessel then swells and sticks together, clotting the blood. Over time, the vein will turn to scar tissue and fade from view. This treatment, offered by The Vein Clinic, is still considered the best option for spider vein treatment.

The results of this procedure are readily visible and normal activity can be resumed immediately. It can usually be completed in 15 minutes in our office, allowing you to be more confident in the appearance of your legs.


  • Results are readily visible
  • Normal activity can be resumed immediately
  • In-office procedure is usually completed in 15 minutes
  • Patients experience more confidence in the appearance of their legs

Schedule a Simple Sclerotherapy Procedure

Using a fine needle, a salt solution is injected, this may cause mild discomfort, especially when larger veins are being treated. This discomfort usually subsides within a minute or two. The sclerosant solution is designed to irritate the walls of the blood vessel, causing them to swell and, over time, turn into scar tissue and disappear.

Post-procedure, you will need to wear medical-grade compression stockings for one to three weeks. Most patients can return to normal activities right away, however, it’s recommended that you avoid strenuous activities for one or two weeks.

“The staff was very informative and supportive throughout the entire process. I really enjoyed the facility and the special attention I received as a patient.”

~ Eryn Turton (The Vein Clinic Patient)